About Us

Padauk and Bird's Eye Maple table with clamps Located in a tiny Seacoast town of New Hampshire, our 10' x 20' garage was converted to wood shop and is filled with the scent of cut lumber. I spend much of my time looking at, imagining and crafting small accent pieces of exotic, domestic and unique figural hardwood lumber. But, it wasn't always that way.

What began as a solid wood game invention over 10+ years ago, my appreciation of the various wood finishes and creating have always served as inspiration to push outward into the next thing. One game led to 4 games which led to a historical soda (ask me sometime) which led to writing, to writers blocks (wood) to here, Live Edge Art. Being self-taught, my skill set is constantly improving as I strive to get better.

I have a great deal of appreciation for the works of George Nakashima. The simplicity of his designs, the use of live edge lumber and the idea that all wood should serve a purpose and not just to be cleared away and discarded is all part of his philosophy. I feel that there is no reason why you cannot combine functionality, beauty and art. Because of that, I gain great satisfaction in creating small accent pieces that fulfill that mission. Offering for these pieces for sale is an extension of that, knowing each piece will be enjoyed as much as it was in selecting, designing, building and finishing.

You will not find anything for sale on this web site since every piece is unique. There are a few select Galleries and we show at fine art and fine furnishings events throughout the year. We can engage in commission pieces but the idea for the site is to get a sense of me and the simple designs I create. Enjoy.